Baccarat Variations

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Hello, fellow readers. Welcome to our new article about casino games. Today, in Wincatchers we are going to refer to Baccarat Variations in Online Casinos. We have already referred to the basis and the history of this simple game and now it’s time to speak about some variations of the game that you can find playing on an online casino.

As you surely remember, this game is not that hard to learn. If you want or you need, you can always read our article about how to play Baccarat. Despite the fact that the basic rules remain the same, there are some characteristics regarding variations that you should take into account in order to play better.

Baccarat Variations

Just like all the others casino games, several baccarat variations have been created to make the classic game more and more exciting for new and old players. In attemp to attract more players, the different variations provide, in general, some additional rules and allow players to place additional bets.

As you can see, all the variations were tailored to attract players, and for the porpuse of that,  the different variations allow the game to become more exciting and enjoyable. Let’s see the most famous ones.

Baccarat Chemin de Fer

This is the original version of the game, so it’s the precursor or its regular form nowadays. Especially, this variation is almost exclusively played in France and its name means “railway”.

In spite of the fact that this variation follows the rules of the classic version, there are two major differences to take into account. First, players do not have to compete against the dealer, in fact they have to beat the other players. Second, in Chermin de Fer the banker puts away the money he wants to bet on.

Punto Banco

Also known as Nevada Baccarat or American Baccarat, this baccarat version can be played just trying your luck, with no skills or strategies required. The game is played with six standard decks of 52 cards and, in reference to betting and places (banker or player), the options remain the same as in the classic version.

It is important to notice that Punto Banco can be played in almost every online casino, as it a reaaly popular version of the game. Bear in mind that in this baccarat version it’s possible to get a tie.

Mini Baccarat

In matters of gameplay, mini baccarat is played in the same manner as Punto Banco and it’s particulary attractive as it resembles the classic card game and can be played even with a tight budget. It means that this version is a great option for players who don’t want to bet too much.

In order to develop the game, mini baccarat is played with eight standard decks of cards. In relation to betting options and places to take, it follos the rules of the Punto Banco, so also here you can get a tie.

Baccarat Banque 

Similar to Chermin de Fer, this variation is one of the oldest baccarat version and it’s especially popular in France. In fact, the major difference between those two European versions it’s that in Banque, also known as “a deux tableaux”, the player with bigger budget is usualy the one who takes the place of banker.

Another consistent difference is that, unlike some of the other popular baccarat variations, Banque is played with three standard decks and, eventually, there will be three hands of two cards in the game.

Even though those are not the only baccarat versions, we listed them as they a re the most popular ones. Remember that you can always enjoy of the classic version. We hope you liked our review on baccarat variations. Now it’s time for you to look for your favourite one.

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