B4NKR0LL3R, Minguella and David Comerón are the proper names of the weekend in the .com

By Ucatchers

La Roja left its mark in the three most important rooms in the world, in its most outstanding tournaments. More info inside.

tonyrastas and comeroncin [Foto: PokerNews]

tonyrastas and comeroncin [Foto: PokerNews]

Today we are not for witty presentations, there is much to tell about the Spanish hits in the “.com” theaters.

Let’s start with Pokerstars and the Blowout Series, which is the same as saying don Juanki Neighbor. How a leaderboard is missed in order to put into perspective the festivalazo that the Andalusian is marking, at least we have not seen it.

This Sunday, “B4NKR0LL3R” has obtained two more final tables, for which he adds four in total at the festival, victory included.

The best result of the day came in the Blowout Series 53-H 2,100 $ 6-Max, in which FT was very expensive, with 206 occurrences of the best players in the room.

If we talk about cracks of that level, it means that Sergi Reixach and Adrián Mateos were also in the fight. Sergi was 11th ($ 9,940) and “Amadi_017” 16th ($ 5,932). Juanki pushed the session even further and saw lights, beating players like “Legenden” or “hell_totti” in the final, but was eliminated just before the last three survivors reached an agreement to distribute almost $ 200,000, slightly less than half of the bag.

For Juanki $ 36,586 remained.

His other FT of the day was at Blowout Series 55-H $ 1,050. It helped that the tournament was a long table, because in addition to having to battle with a field twice as large, 401 participants, Juanki stayed out in eighth place ($ 9,762).

In regular tournaments, our protagonist did not give up the opportunity to collect other $ 4,574 for a seventh place in the HRC Sunday Supersonic Hyper 6-Max.

Juanki also carries four spent bullets in the Big blowout, a tournament with a purse of more than 6M $. Blowout Series do not have a Main Event to use; each week closes with a special tournament that increases in price as the festival progresses. The first week they charged $ 109, and it generated one of the largest overlays in history. This week, with a buy-in of $ 530, things have been on track and the guarantee has been crushed by more than 2,000 registrations. Registration is still open and it is played for positions that have not yet been awarded, but who knows, maybe the FTs of “B4NKR0LL3R” are three. Hopefully.

The rest of the Navy contributes a 2nd place at the HRC Fat Sunday $ 215, courtesy of “t4t0PAGAU”, and you will have to wait 24 hours to know how it will end Ramón Colillas his participation in the HRC Bounty Builder 530 $ HR. For now, he has insured close to $ 2,000 in bountys and prizes such as 34th out of 58 survivors. The champion will win close to $ 100K.

We go to partypoker, where the news of the David Comerón win in the Big Game 200K $. The tournament confirmed 444 occurrences of $ 530, and the Spanish closed the game without giving an option to pacts, with a first full prize of $ 39,512.

Updated: We see on Pokernews that Comerón’s nickname at GGPoker is “MyLastHand!” and that in addition to the Big Game of party, David prevailed in Event 17 of the GGPoker WSOP Circuit Online.64,392$ more, tremendous weekend for him !.

You may have already guessed that the third room we are referring to is GGPoker.

This week they have organized the first online tournament of 2021 to exceed $ 10,000,000, the $ 1,700 WSOP Circuit Online Main Event. They have run a lot of satellites to get a field of 6,395 players. In the last one, the Last Minute Sat, the chipleader turned out to be a player with the Andorran flag and nick from Barcelona “Minguella“.

We immediately went to the lobby to see if he was among the finalists. There we saw the Lithuanian Plausinaitis, Joseph Cheong, Alex Papazian and Joni Jouhkimainen, but no Spanish. We keep going down the eliminated list and finally “Minguella” appeared, in 33rd place, with a prize of $ 25,483. This amount exceeds the history of awards of this nick in the room at one time.

In the High Rollers there were not good results for Red. Juan Pardo he had to go to a regular tournament on $ 500 Fifty Stack, to get your usual five figures. He completely renounced his principles, facing a crowd of 612 rivals and without using a single buyback, which for him are like a talisma and then break the tables. He finished 3rd, with a prize of $ 24,702.

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