Atlético de Madrid or Real Madrid? The favorite for bookmakers is …

By Ucatchers

Madrid derby

The LaLiga Santander season progresses.

Each time, Barcelona’s options to fight for the title diminish, despite Messi saying that he is highly motivated and eager to fight for him.

The two big favorites are Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid.

Atleti has combined a new offensive orientation to its eternal defensive solidity, which has resulted in a considerable increase in its scoring account. This has allowed him to rise to the top of the classification.

It took Real Madrid a little longer to start, but after several setbacks, it seems to have reached the level of play that allowed it to win the last league title.

If we do a survey, the results may not resemble the odds of the bookmakers.

In BetfairFor example, the favorite to win the League is Real Madrid. The house has assigned you a 2.1 quota. Atlético is the main outsider for the whites, with a 2.3 share. And Barcelona, ​​the third candidate, much further away, with a 6.0 quota.

The other options are not realistic for the British house, since they have given Sevilla a 36 quota, and Villarreal, an even higher quota: 91.

What is your favorite?

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