Astra: the preview test of Valorant’s new agent

By Ucatchers

Valorant developers have promised a new “intelligent and Space-themed” agent and they just released him. Astra, a Ghanaian battlefield expert, has an Afro-Futurism-inspired aesthetic and has a unique skill kit and above all never seen in the game (except for the Omen smoke). In the purchase screen, the agent will be able to acquire Stars and pressing the X Astra button will access an interface in which to place these Stars on the map. During the fight, the Stars can be reacquired (they have a cooldown before they can be used again) or activated to cast one of his abilities that you find detailed here.

The smoke have become an essential part of any team that wants even a hope of victory in Valorant and Astra seems to be an extremely strategy-oriented, not lone-wolf action agent like his predecessor Yoru. “With Astra we wanted create an agent who thought of the map as a whole. Its global presence was immediately an essential element. From there, we had to find the right skills to balance the ability to anticipate the enemy’s actions with the ability to react to game changes. We love that Astra has a different perspective on the map (literally), and that from up there it is natural to think about all the various ways a round can unfold, and how to manage it. Of course, you can’t always be in charge and dictate the course of a round, therefore it was essential to give her the opportunity to react and change her plans in the process, at the price of making her physical body vulnerable. For Astra it is not essential to throw a grenade accurately, how much predict the actions of the enemy“.

The other two most important controllers with smoke, Brimstone and Omen, have been optimized in recent months. Omen’s ultimate has been made more expensive and the changes to Brimstone were intended to make it a less costly choice. The new act also includes an updated Battle Pass, which offers rewards in exchange for experience points earned while playing. The new battle pass will cost 10 euros, although some of the items inside will be available for free, similar to the previous passes. Three new sets of skins can be obtained via the included Battle Pass a new set of Prism skins, a scaled-down version of the Prism line of skins that launched early in the game’s life cycle. The pass will also include player cards, gun buddies, titles and sprays.

Also in the hands of an inexperienced player like me Astra has completely turned the tide of several rounds. The new Ghanaian controller gives absolutely its best in defense: the 15 seconds that separate the entry into the field from the beginning of the round are more than enough to place all of his abilities and prevent most of the enemy team’s pushes. He struggles harder on offense, but his ability to lock a target against enemies has proved indispensable in securing some of the most spectacular victories. Away from the action of the front line, Astra always manages to find enough time to take a leap into the astral plane and leave an explosive surprise for anyone who wants to try to annoy her.

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