Aspects of the Roulette

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Hello to all our readers and welcome to our article about some Aspects of the Roulette, this fantastic game of chances that is also considered to be the emblem of a casino. In this article we are going to introduce the basic concepts of the roulette to take into account when you decide to start playing.

It is probable that you are aware of the different main variations of this game, American and European roulette, which is something as important as the composition of the whole roulette game, that is to say, the table, the wheel and also the variations of some rules. In any case, let’s introduce in this curious topic about some aspects of the game.

Aspects of the Roulette

Of the most important matters in the aspectof the roulette is the wheel, as it’s the most famous part of the table along with the carpet.

Roulette Wheel

In reference to the type of roulette wheels, you should know that there are only two versions, the American and the European wheels, and they are really easy to recognise, as the European version has one 0 and the American one has two, 0 and 00. In one case or another, it’s important for you to know how to bet on 0 or 00, according to the variation.

Apart from that, designs are also different and the numbers are placed in different positions. As a result of this, the American wheel gives the online casino an advantage of 5.3% over the player. In the case of the European wheel, as it has one less number, this advantage is reduced to 2.7% in favor of the casino.

Roulette Tables

Professional roulette tables present a rectangular shape and they are usually made of solid wood, and that’s why they are magnificient. In general, their edges are made of leather or polished hardwood. Ashtrays and cup holders are also included. To stabilize the table, an independent structure is used.

The size of the American table roulette are 2.9 m per 1.7 m and it has usually the wheel located in the short part. One person is necessary to make it work, the croupier while the players are placed on the opposite side. In general, the game runs faster in that table than in the european version.

In the case of the European table, it has a size of 3.3 m per 1.8 m. In this table, two employees are required to make it work, the croupier, who is in charge of the wheel, and another person who is in charge of the table. Players are sit on the other three edges of the table. You can also find this European variation called French Roulette.

Roulette Carpets

As the disposition of croupiers and players are different in both versions as well as the existence of the 0 or the 00 along with the the designs, they should be adapted to the type of roulette. One interesting aspect of the European version is that there is a place in which players can make their bets speaking with the croupier. He listens to them carefully and then puts the chips on the table.


Roulette Rules

Rules are not related too much to the kind of table or wheel. In fact, rules are attached to the type of variation of the game. Even though it sound clear and easy to understand, sometimes, some of them can result confusing. So, pay attention to the following details to take into account in each game when zero o double zero show up.

American Roulette Rules

If the ball lands on 0 or 00, all the external bets (odd-even, red-black, high-low) are considered to be lost, which can result in a shocking moment for players who usually try their luck betting there instead of numbers. For this reason, many more people prefer playing in the European version.

European Roulette Rules

In this case, if the ball lands on 0, external bets are not immediately lost. In fact, there are two rules, acording to the variation, to be aplied when that situation takes place. They are called “En Prison” or “La Partage”.

In “The Prison”, our bet remains in the table in the same position for the next ball. If the zero appears on a second time, our money is finally lost. Think about it like just another chance.

In “La Partage” the rule is division. We lost half of our original bet and we can bet freely the part that has turned back to us. So, is not better nor worse than “En prison”, it’s just different.

All in all, the Roulette is a magic game that attracts players from all over the world even in all its variations. Our piece of advise is to know the rules and to pay attention to the type of Roulette before start playing. You can have more information about how to bet on the roulette table by reading our article containing this info.

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