Are we ready for an esports certification?

By Ucatchers

The story of the unsuccessful attempt to offer a tool that would allow those who wanted to work in esports the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

At least the Eci, Esports certification institute, has tried. With the aim of giving the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to those who work (or who aspired to work) in the export sector, had created an exam, with input from a variety of industry executives and insiders, who it cost $ 400 but had no academic validity. The certification exam, however, was not created by anyone who had experience creating tests and for many in the esports community. it just seemed like a waste of money.

There was also some confusion around the initiative as some of the biggest names in the industry have signed up as supporters of the project. The community was puzzled that some people he trusted in the esports world supported an initiative like this.

Furthermore, the Institute, founded by Ryan Friedman and Sebastian Park of the Houston Rockets, was trying to gain authority over his exam soliciting the target audiences of the people involved in the project. Unlike a state exam, which is rigorously designed, validated and used by government and industries to select and hire candidates, the eci could not guarantee any kind of official status or recognition of any organization.

Other exams required in some sectors such as accounting, engineering and law, are aimed at a specific sector with specific objectives. To imagine an exam that guarantees knowledge of all eSports it seems impossible as the sector is large and with many unrelated positions. People have openly criticized the Eci saying that they were trying to act as the gatekeeper of the industry without any mandate from the exporting world.

There was a considerable number of reactions on certification, but these are some of the most authoritative opinions.

Travis Gafford, a well-known gaming and esports journalist he said during a YouTube video: “It’s a joke, the idea is really ridiculous. You look at some of the exam questions and they look really questionable. This it is a sector that continues to change, it is fragmented. The idea that you can actually get some sort of certification or that there is an exam that can guarantee you will work anywhere in the industry is really ridiculous. “

Bryce Blum, a lawyer representing numerous esports organizations and other industry players, tweeted: “Yes, the first iteration of ECI was clearly flawed and, ironically, it reinforced some of the problems it was trying to solve. I am not blind to this reality and I am not trying to belittle it. The product and aspects of the business model need a lot of work. This, however, is what is missing from the debate that is currently taking place on the legal and meritocratic future of eSports“.

Finally, the criticisms and indignation against the initiative were such that one day after the announcement of the birth of the certification, it was suspended indefinitely.

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