Arcane: the League of Legends series lands on Netflix

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Arcane, the animated series based on the narrative universe of League of Legends, has been announced: next autumn it will be broadcast on Netflix.

Eight million daily players, hundreds of millions monthly players as well as viewers following major League of Legends competitions and esports events. Although gaming is a niche sector, Riot Games’ Moba has managed to carve out its own space in popular culture, becoming a mass phenomenon in most Western countries and almost all Asian ones. Even in France, where the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron he personally congratulated via Twitter the French team Karmine Corp, recent winner of the European Masters.

On a vu le message que ce matin, merci @EmmanuelMacron pour le petit message après la victoire d’hier! 😎

– Kameto (@Kammeto) May 3, 2021

League of Legends could expand its presence in popular culture in the fall thanks to the animated series Arcane which will be broadcast on Netflix, one of the most used streaming platforms in the world. Already in March Netflix had presented the anime inspired by Dota2, called Dota: Dragon’s Blood, enjoying some success among fans. For League of Legends, on the other hand, it is the first animated series of Riot Games, anticipated to rumor for several months. Its name will be “Arcane” and it is a series produced in collaboration with Fortiche Productions that will try to explore and tell the regions of Piltover and Zaun with a plot that will follow the origins of two iconic League of Legends champions.

Dominique Bazay, Netflix original series director said: “League of Legends has always involved a huge global fandom, we are thrilled to be able to produce the first television series focused on this universe, the ‘Arcane’ series, it will be an exciting and visually spectacular race that will keep viewers in suspense. “.

Shauna Spenley, President of Global Entertainment Riot Games, said about that “Arcane is a love letter to our fans and players, who have always asked us for new cinematic experiences that explore more deeply the environments and champions of League of Legends. Netflix, thanks to its incredible strength and global reach, is able to create high quality content, and is therefore the perfect partner to accomplish our goal, and bring ‘Arcane’ to players all over the world ” .

Riot Games is certainly not new to animations and what are called cinematic. Indeed, the videos produced in recent years are one of the added values ​​that has allowed the game to become so well known in the world and to continue to attract new fans and enthusiasts. Globally, League of Legends videos have recorded 14 billion views so far, without considering the esports component: the last 2020 Worlds recorded a record number of viewers with over a billion hours of content viewed. League of Legends is currently the most followed and viewed esports in the world: and soon it could also become one on Netflix.

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