arbaarba, thx4urm0n3y and fviana share 2.1M $ in the last Big Blowout

By Ucatchers

Locally, the day almost went unnoticed, if not for Malaka and her daily win at GGPoker to pay for the session.

The Blowout Series improved note in January

The Blowout Series improved note in January has ended the first festival of the year, which has reached its culmination with the final table of the third Big blowout, the one that obtained the most bag with almost $ 7,000,000 in prizes.

It is a different standard than usual, without an individual Main Event, replaced by a large Sunday frequency tournament that has been increasing in buy-in as the festival progressed. The first, for $ 109, forced the room to cover the second largest overlay in the history of poker, either live or online; but the next two, $ 550 and $ 1,050 has successively exceeded the $ 5M guaranteed by one kilo and by almost two common to all three tournaments.

The Big Blowout also adopted the three day format, so the FT has not been played until Tuesday night.

The leader, the Lithuanian “arbaarba“He had a slight advantage over the second. The rest of the table formed a very compact squad with only one weight, the 12bb of Canadian” Gordon_Reid “.

The dynamics were accentuated when “arbaarba” broke aces to the shortstack, and it is important to note that the prize jumps reached $ 50,000 from eighth place and were already more than $ 100,000 between fourth and fifth.

That is why it was key in the game that the very veteran Canadian Lonnie Hallett knew how to get out of the bottom of the table without putting his stack at risk. In the upper part, the Brazilian Fernando Viana separated “arbaarba” from the leadership, and these two players managed to fortify their positions while behind the back stabbing followed.

In these tournaments, points are worth gold, because you never know when the pact will occur. This time it was in the top three. Viana was the one who benefited the most from the decision, as he ended up being the loser in the final heads-up and still won a bigger prize than the rest ($ 771,416). The tournament It ended as it started, with “arbaarba” in command.

The Spanish players could add little to this chronicle.

Neither the Super Tuesday tournaments nor the regular ones left us good news. For rescuing something, in the biggest competitor of Pokerstars worldwide, GGPoker, Juan Pardo continues to open its peculiar and cunning Advent calendar. Instead of deducting days in December until the arrival of Christmas, Malaka is deducting days in January to see how many pass without any of the tournaments that she plays every day falling into the draw.

Yesterday his session was not good, because the balance of buy-ins and prizes was complicated by buybacks in several of the most expensive tournaments in the lobby, but the session was saved with the win in the High Rollers Main Event $ 1,050 (78 players, $ 18,285) and a fourth place in the High Rollers Marathon $ 840 (75 players, $ 6,671).

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