Ancient enters the competitive “Map Pool” and Train exits

By Ucatchers

Valve surprised everyone in the latest update by announcing the new map that will become part of the competitive Map Pool. Ancient, the community map that was introduced during Operation Broken Fang, will be one of seven maps that teams will need to prepare to compete in upcoming competitions. At the same time, Train map will be removed although Valve has confirmed that in the RMR that give access to the Stockholm Major this map will still be able to be selected.

The community hoped that Mirage would be the retired map and that Cache or Tuscan would enter instead. However, if we analyze the statistics of the most played maps in 2021 among the top 30 teams, the map of Train was the least selected map when competing. We will have to wait to know more details of Valve’s intentions. You may decide to revamp Train’s map and have him return in the future. We will also have to see the acceptance of the Ancient map among professionals and whether or not it will be a widely played map.

What other news did this update bring?

Valve also added two new community maps (Mocha and Grind) but in non-competitive game modes. Regarding the 2vs2 Wingman mode, They were added two new maps called Skull and Pitstop.
On the other hand, there is a new option of subscription to access more detailed statistics of your games. For 85 cents a month you can access CS: GO 360 Stats.

This update brings a new box called The Snakebite It has 17 different weapon skins as well as gloves as a rare item.

New box The SnakebiteNew box The SnakebiteNew box The Snakebite / Source: CS: GO

We cannot forget another novelty that is the brand of the house. We refer to the hens, since Valve decided improve appearance of the same after several years with the same design.

It is still too early to know if Ancient’s map will either succeed or fail, but we must not forget that Vertigo was very hated at first and ended up making a hole among the rest of the map. For now, there are already several players who will have begun to look at references to launch smoke, throw support flash, etc.

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