Analysis of the Worlds 2020 semifinals

By Ucatchers

Worlds semifinalsWorlds semifinals

We enter the semifinals of Worlds, marking the final stretch of the 2020 World Cup. In this article we are going to try to “guide” you through the remaining teams and who are the favorites.

On the one hand we have the box of the Chinese, where they will face the absolute favorite from the start TES, against the revelation of the worlds, Suning. TES has passed as the first Chinese seed and as the best team in its region. Suning has passed as the third seed after qualifying in the regional finals. In turn, to reach these Worlds semifinals, Suning forcefully eliminated JDG who was the second favorite and in theory the second strongest Chinese team.


We think that the fee 1.53 TES is pretty good. We believe that the quota has risen due to the performance of each team in the quarterfinals. While TES struggled to beat Fnatic by coming back from 0-2 to end up winning 3-2, Suning won 3-1 emphatically over JDG. This is why we believe that the TES share is so high, although it originally came out at 1.36.

TES has a good share, has an experienced team and much better line by line, it seems that Suning has arrived here hand in hand with huanfeng, the shooter. As we said in the previous article, the Chinese teams seem to not give their 100% until the finals. TES already beat Suning 3-0 two months ago in their own league semi-finals and made it very easy. They literally ran over them.

We believe that Suning’s victory also came, because JDG did not play at his usual level and because Huanfeng put on a stratospheric performance. TES came out asleep, but when he woke up he ended up beating Fnatic relatively easily, they should come out more confident against a team like Suning who they know a lot.

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On the other hand in the other table we have G2, the last European survivor, who will face the second favorite of the tournament, DAMWON. G2 will have it quite difficult to pass the round, they face one of the most aggressive teams and their players are better mechanically. DAMWON is the only team left that has shown great dominance in both their league and the World Cups. DAMWON comes from winning very easily in South Korea and currently has a consecutive winning streak greater than 16. G2 on the other hand, has given a very good image against GenG, the third Korean seed, so there is still hope that they will pass. Europeans.

This game is certainly to be enjoyed by watching it, but if we want to try to scratch something, we recommend both goal and kill overruns. It is also a game that in LIVE you can see which team is with more attitude or is doing better. This game you have to be attentive to the draft and I think that if the G2 draft is good, the victory of that map will be very valuable.

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