Analysis of the final phase of the European Masters

By Ucatchers

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The European Masters came a few years ago to stay. The competition that faces the best teams of the main national leagues always leaves interesting things. It has become a transition tournament with two annual editions. After a long phase of Play-In and group phase, the final phase of the tournament has arrived in its summer edition. In this article, we are going to make an analysis of the final phase of the European Masters in which there are only four teams left that will fight to lift the title.


The teams that have reached the semifinals in this edition are GamerLegion (Germany), LDLC OL (France), AGO Rogue (Poland) and Mousesports (Germany). The French LDLC team is the current champion and will defend the title in this final phase of the tournament. We are going to analyze the semifinals.

GamerLegion vs Team LDLC

The first semifinal will be played on Saturday 19 at 6:00 p.m. Will face GamerLegion with LDLC. The German team has been the executioner of all the Spanish teams in this edition of the European Masters. Ended up with G2 Arctic, fell into the group of Movistar Riders and also in the quarterfinals he ended the tournament Giants Gaming. The ex-ADC team from G2 EsportsHjarnan is pretty solid and also has a multitude of strategies which makes him an interesting best-of-three team. Even so, it seems to us a very ‘coinflip’ team and not too much of an individual level.

On the other hand, we have the current champion Team LDLC. The Yellowstar boys are coming off a tough tie against GamersOrigin where they had to go back. They are probably the best team in the competition when it comes to making decisions and individually they are good players.

Focusing on the tie between the two teams, we believe that LDLC you will have absolute dominance and control of the games. GamerLegion it’s a good team, but I don’t think they have the individual talent to beat the French. Also, in terms of betting, any kill handicap in favor of LDLC and the over total kills are good options.

AGO Rogue vs Mousesports

The second semi-final will be played on Saturday 19 after the end of the other tie. At the beginning of this European Masters, Mousesports was one of the favorites to lift the title and AGO Rogue he was not in the victory pools. As of today and at this point in the tournament, in our opinion the tables have turned. AGO Rogue I was leaving with a rather complicated group together with GamerLegion and Movistar Riders, he solved it well and also crossed into quarters with Misfits Premier, another of the strongest teams in the tournament. The current form of AGO Rogue it is very solvent. The Polish trio of medio and botlane form a great synergy with Zanzarah and Szygenda, who have been playing together for many years, since that Origin of Superliga Orange.

On the other hand, we have Mousesports. The team of Lider, Jeskla and PromisqAll of them already old acquaintances, they are a quite talented team but they don’t have as much rapport as possible and sometimes they get too lost in the microgame and individuality. His tie against K1CK, which was full of doubts in all its phases, leaves many doubts about its capabilities against a team like that of AGO Rogue.

Returning to the confrontation as such, I think AGO Rogue it will be done with the victory against-forecast in this eliminatory. I look forward to games in which the Polish team takes dominance and takes advantage of the mistakes of Mousesports and punish enough to win. It is again a good tie to look for the over total murders, but we we would move away from any type of handicap because very even games can come out in terms of murders.

Conclusion and possible title winner

In our opinion, the best team and most candidate for the title is LDLC. They have the individual talent, the experience of a five-time European champion like Yellowstar and the motivation to keep the title in a great year for the team. Your rivals are inferior on both sides of the frame. If they don’t have a bad day against GamerLegion, it is very likely that they will get hold of the title again. In a best-of-five final, they are clear favorites against any rival.

We hope you liked this analysis of the final phase of the European Masters. You can enjoy it and check all the schedules on our live events page.

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