Ami Barer scores a Pablo Gordillo in GGPoker

By Ucatchers

The Canadian pro yesterday won 3 jackpot tournaments at GGPoker, for a total of $ 197k in prize money.

Ami Barer [Foto: PokerNews]

Ami Barer [Foto: PokerNews]

In September 2014, Pablo Gordillo “gordijú” won 3 big tournaments on PokerStars .com in the same session. That Sunday to remember he won the Sunday Kickoff, the Sunday Storm and the Bigger 55.

Tonight, the Canadian Ami Barer has remembered the feat of our “gord0nk” winning 3 tournaments on GGPoker.

Barer achieved his first victory shortly before 10 p.m. (Spanish time) in the High Rollers PLO Bounty $ 2.1k. It was made with a prize of $ 97,484.58, after 4h23min of fighting, in a tournament that had a field of 82 entries and a prize pool of $ 164,000.

The second victory was achieved at 2.20am, after 6h50min of fighting. It was in the Side Event: PLO Crusaders HR $ 2.1k. He took an award of $ 51,957.51, in a tournament that had 114 registrations and a $ 228,000 jackpot.

And a few minutes later, at 2:26 p.m., he completed the triplet by winning, after 10h26min of struggle, the High Rollers Marathon $ 840. Barer charged $ 48,145.13, in a tournament with 323 participants and a prize pool of $ 258,400.

Ami Barer received between the 3 tournaments a total from $ 197,587.22.

VGG & congratulations!

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