All the details of Breeze, the new Valorant map

By Ucatchers

There are few hours for the new act of Valorant to begin and with it the arrival of the new battle pass and the new map, Breeze. The island map enters the shooter with many surprises and different ways of playing, since the meta could vary on it, compared to the rest.

In addition to the videos that have been posted, numerous content creators have already tested the map and given their impressions of it. Throughout the news we will talk about the strengths and weaknesses, how to play it, and also some tricks that have already appeared in just two days of testing by various streamers.

Jett, on his best map

Without a doubt, Jett will be right at home playing in Breeze. The open field, the many tall elements that you can reach with your skills, and the ease of picking and hiding make Jett a very important champion.

The ninja must appear practically by decree in all the compositions that are created here, so it will be necessary to train her if you or your friends do not have her in the pool.

Cheats with Sova and Viper in Breeze

Two champions who will also be talking about in this new Valorant patch they are Sova and Viper. The first, for the information he can give with his arrows and the damage his Q can do, while Viper can close a lot of the map and also do explosive damage.

Many content creators have had two days to test this new Valorant map, Breeze and they already have lineups. In the video uploaded last night by Black, they show you some of these tricks with which to leave everyone speechless.

So much to see the sites with the arrow of Sova, as to avoid that the rival defuseBoth with the archer and with Viper, they are ideal champions to fulfill this task.

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