Agents Series: the championship of Valorant arrives

By Ucatchers

Valorant continues to grow competitively in Italy: the semi-pro Agents Series championship by ProGaming Italia is born.

Valorant’s competitive structure is also growing in Italy. Not only the international appointments, with the usual live coverage on Agent’s Range, now also the competition becomes more and more official with the birth of a new semi-professional league organized and managed by ProGaming Italia and officially supported by Riot Games: Agents Series.

“The goal, with Agents Series, is to give shape to an innovative format for our country, solid and open to all those who want to test themselves. For this reason, the VALORANT semi-professional competition will have an open and fully integrated structure in the national competitive scene “, was told by ProGaming Italia. Four Open Qualifiers will be created to access the Agents Series from which the respective winners will qualify. Another four, for a total of eight, will instead win their place from the Spike League, or the final phase of the Tormenta Circuit, soon to start and dedicated to the amateur competitive scene of Valorant.

Agents Series will officially begin in June with the four qualifying tournaments. Satisfaction also on the part of Carlo Barone, brand manager for Riot Games: “After the broadcast of the VCTs and the recent announcement of the Tormenta Circuit, the Agent Series represent the last step of our collaboration with ProGaming Italia / Agentsrange, it, closing the competitive offer of VALORANT in Italy, today truly represented in its entirety and , above all, suitable for all audiences and players. We are convinced that all these initiatives will greatly help the evolution of VALORANT in our beautiful country, in the wake of an already very positive trajectory. “

Who said good words about Valorant’s national competitive growth is Daniel Schmidhofer, CEO of ProGaming Italia: “With the Agents Series the competitive scene of VALORANT in Italy is completed. Together with the Tormenta Circuit, the offer is becoming richer and more layered and aims to involve fans and players of the Riot Games tactical shooter in a live environment, where everyone can confront and reach new goals. We are convinced that export is exactly this: a path of constant growth both for players and the community, as well as for the public. The Agents Series will represent the pinnacle of competition in our country. “

In addition to live shows and tournaments, ProGaming has also launched the Agents Range portal, a real hub where all Valorant fans can find news, videos and information and which aims to become a reference for the entire community.

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