Advanced Esports Program is born: OIES training course

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The Italian Esports Observatory expands its range of services and also positions itself in the training sector. It kicks off L’Advanced Esports Program: the first path to train Esports business and management professionals.

With the Advanced Esports Program, the OIES wants to concretely contribute to the professionalization of the sector with an innovative formula for the Italian market. The path is developed in masterclass formula, to give a concrete and practical cut to the training provided. It is a cycle of higher education, which will only be conducted by experts with proven results.

The program consists of 21 masterclasses, which will be disseminated throughout 2021. Unlike the classic training formats, students will be able to autonomously structure their own didactic plan, having the freedom to attend single masterclasses and not the entire cycle. Thanks to this innovation, students will benefit from the training they really wish to acquire, without being forced to purchase a default package.

The Advanced Esports Program is the first advanced training program on Esports in Italy. It is shared by the MasterSport Institute, OIES training partner, who will issue a certificate to those enrolled who will choose the entire masterclass cycle or at least 5 modules.

In this way, the OIES aims to train qualified and specific Esports professionals, who will be able to work in this market and contribute to the business development of the Italian export movement.

One of the constituent objectives of the Italian Esports Observatory since its inception has been to concretely contribute to the professionalization of the Italian market. With the Advanced Esports Program, the OIES intervenes starting from the base: only by introducing qualified professionals into the sector will it be possible to reduce the business gap with foreign countries where the market is already mature.

Below are the themes of the masterclasses within the Advanced Esports Program. The dates of the meetings and the speakers will be presented with a second communication.

  • The economic return in Esports: main assets and strategies
  • Sponsorship rights: what rights a brand is interested in in Esports
  • The organization of the Esports sector: the most important titles, publishers and tournaments in Italy and in the world
  • Brand gamification: how to approach the desired target through gaming
  • Esports becomes entertainment: strategies for building a community by increasing brand awareness
  • Twitch: how does it work? Numbers and dynamics of the new most used streaming platform
  • How Twitch fits into a marketing plan: opportunities, strategies and case histories
  • Esports in the world: overview of the main international markets
  • Tournaments and arenas: how to develop a sustainable Esports project
  • The eSerie A: how to develop a model of engagement with fans
  • How the Esports division of a football club is organized
  • The legislation on Esports in Italy: limits and rules to be taken into consideration
  • Discovering sim racing: virtual engines in marketing strategies
  • Esports and training: how to open an Academy for players
  • Esports talent scout: how to track down video game champions and make them a job
  • Coach Esports: how to develop the skills needed to coach players
  • Animal Crossing: how companies’ favorite game works
  • From the virtual to the physical world: how to make your investment in a gaming house pay off
  • From player to content creator: how to develop a personal business in gaming
  • How to found a team: from the birth to the creation of a structured organization
  • How to attract investments and sponsors: when a team becomes a business opportunity

At this time, you can book your membership in the Advanced Esports Program by writing to the OIES address Registration does not involve the obligation to purchase, but will entitle you to a 10% discount on the desired formula.

“We are very excited to announce the birth of the Advanced Esports Program – they comment Luigi Caputo and Enrico Gelfi, co-founders of the OIES – With this initiative we are laying the foundations to make the Esports sector in Italy more professional and qualified. 2021 will be the year of business and training for the OIES. This is the first piece of a mosaic that will see the Observatory as a reference point for the Italian export movement, which will be able to find in us the answers to all the needs of the market. For its innovative and authoritative cut, the Advanced Esports Program will represent a fundamental step for those who want to make Esports a job. This initiative is added to the constitution of our Study Center and will accompany the upcoming business initiatives for which the OIES will be the spokesperson “.

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