Adrián Mateos, ¿toneecho ?? and que_te_crio knock on the door of the Pokerstars SCOOP

By Ucatchers

The siege of the spring festival title has begun. Amadi has been left out of the podium in his FT, but he already has the relief arranged in a Hispanic double FT.

First final tables

First final tables

Adrian Mateos has already given the first serious warning that the Spanish have come out to give everything in this Spring Championship of Online Poker.

The Madrilenian has stayed one place from the podium of the SCOOP-06-M 1,050 $ 8-Max, a tournament that clearly shows how disputed each and every one of these tournaments are going to be.

The Bulgarian “ludako123“was imposed on a final record of 714 tickets. Other finalists were the Portuguese Rui Sousa, Conor Beresford, the winner of three Sunday Million “veeea”, André Marques and another handful of regs, and all this in a tournament of the average level.

The tournament had a classic prize structure, earning Adrián’s fourth place a number of 47,736$.

This has been the second final table obtained by the Spanish players on the first day of SCOOP of which we already know the result -the first was that of “I’m gordook” in the Sunday Cooldown turbo-, but the final count must be raised to four . There is a three-day tournament at stake, and among his nine guests to contest the title there are two Spanish.

We refer to SCOOP-04-H Sunday HR SE $ 2,100, which puts a purse of $ 890,000 at stake.

Poker emigrants place five flags of the United Kingdom on the table, but two of them appear next to the nicknames of the Miguel Seoane “¿toneecho ??” and Javi Fernández “que_te_crio”.

Javi has to find a way to get a couple of prize jumps from his 15bbs, which place him as a shortstack of the FT. Miguel, for his part, has 64bb to aspire to everything and shows up on the 3rd with $ 17,218 in bountys, the best record of all the participants. It is a very important factor in a final table, as it completely changes the calculation of fold equity. Keep in mind that eliminating Miguel is equivalent to winning an eighth prize in the tournament.

The second day has also assured us a finalist. Vicent Boscá has fought with the High Rollers of the festival in the SCOOP-08-H $ 5,200 and will continue to do so from the provisional third place at the restart. It has more than $ 26,000 insured and the bolón is priced at $ 177,176.

Finished (> $ 500k. Top 50):

  • SCOOP # 02-M SCOOP Kickoff PKO 55 $: “kilroo94” (Russia, $ 43,971). Field: 11,671 records.
  • SCOOP # 02-H SCOOP Kickoff PKO 530 $: “dejalc357” (Montenegro, $ 78,605). Field: 1,321 records. Better Spanish: “Without Karma“(34th, $ 2,789).
  • SCOOP # 03-M SCOOP Sunday Warm-Up $ 109: “Karl-King77” (Denmark, $ 65,542 *). Field: 5,480 records. Better Spanish: “PatanegraXD“(10th, $ 3,216).
  • SCOOP # 03-H SCOOP Sunday Warm-Up $ 1,050: “kreNt” (Romania, $ 113,891). Field: 669 records. Better Spanish: “railerite“(14th, $ 6,575).
  • SCOOP # 04-M SCOOP Sunday Million $ 215: “Nethos” (Czech Republic, $ 200,070). Field: 12,243 records.
  • SCOOP # 06-L SCOOP 109 $: “Dan.Almeida” (Brazil, $ 86,478). Field: 6,085 records.
  • SCOOP # 06-H $ 10,300: Laszlo Bujtas “omaha4rollz” (Hungary, $ 254,255). Field: 116 records. Better Spanish: “vicenfish“(16th, bubble).

Day 2 (Spaniards at stake):

  • SCOOP # 08-M $ 530 (69 players / 1,739): “RamonColillas“(18th)
  • SCOOP # 08-H $ 5,200 (9 players / 176): “gordon0410“(3rd)
  • SCOOP # 10-H 8-Max PKO $ 1,050 (63 players / 493): “Amadi_017“(16th)”Without Karma“(44º),”Toneecho ??“(45º),”manuverd0n“(54º).

Outside of SCOOP, we must highlight the final table of “disquesi!” on the Bounty Builder HR $ 530 which started on Sunday. Roberto finished sixth in the tournament, with a prize of 9,160$.

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