Adrián Mateos opens the can and wins his third SCOOP at

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Amadi took Super Tuesday, David Cabrera reached his second final and Montenegrin Dejan Kaladurdevic completed the first double of this edition.

The first fell

The first fell

On the fourth day of the festival, Adrian Mateos has released the list of titles for Spanish poker in the Spring Championship of Poker Online 2021 from

Amadi is the Red’s most reliable resource when it comes to these types of festivals. His record already consisted of two WCOOP titles and another two from SCOOP.

It so happens that both last year and this, Adrián has chosen a special edition of Super Tuesday to take the pike.

Although it belongs to the middle category, the SCOOP # 13-M Super Tuesday $ 1,050 It is a great tournament that has obtained 873 occurrences, and each of them added $ 1,000 to the bag.

The Madrilenian was surrounded by nicknames unusual for him. Only one of his usual rivals on the High Rollers made an appearance at this tournament, the German Pascal HartmannAlthough there were other dangerous obstacles on the way, such as the Estonian Aleksejs Ponakovs or the Argentine grinder Felipe Olivieri.

At the last minute, the one who discussed the title was a neighbor, the Portuguese Giovanni Torre, who now plays under the Dutch flag. Adrián won a prize of $ 146,714, for the glory.

If a new feat of the WSOPE champion had not mediated, the cover would have been for the second final table of David Cabrera “EzPaTuLa”, who wanted to record that Pot Limit Omaha is also played in our country. There are few, but the ones that exist defend themselves quite well.

In the SCOOP-14-H PLO $ 1,050 They were collected 375 registrations, and after two days of play a FT of seven players was reached that our compatriot just went to close (7th, $ 11,208).

The Nordic players followed the tradition and reserved the best positions. In the Baltic duel the Swedes prevailed over the Finns, and “BomPang“got in the way of what would have been the second title of Ilari Tahkokallio “Fabahaba”. Third was Jonny Jouhkimainen “bustoville”.

“que_te_crio” finished 14th in a tournament in which the first double of the 2021 edition of SCOOP has been registered. It has not been the typical repeater of reduced fields or minority games, The Montenegrin Dejan Kaladurdevic won the SCOOP Kickoff PKO $ 530 and did it again at SCOOP-11-H, with the same format and buy-in. Both fields were massive, 1,321 and 988 records, respectively.

For today, we start strong with the Final table of “ZeroS” at SCOOP 18-H 7-Max $ 5,200. Elías has already taken out more than enough to accept the two re-entries made and can win $ 174,375.

Finished (> $ 500k. Top 50):

  • SCOOP # 11-H 8-Max PKO $ 530: “leavelc357“(Montenegro) Field: 988 records. Best Spanish:”que_te_crio“(14th, $ 2,899).
  • SCOOP # 13-H High Roller $ 10,300: Wiktor Malinowski “limitless” (Poland, $ 81,548). Field: 105 records. Better Spanish: “Amadi_017“(16th, OTM).

Day 2 (Spaniards at stake):

  • SCOOP # 17-M Deep Stacks $ 109 (117 players / 3,176): “Toneecho ??“(64º).
  • SCOOP # 17-H Deep Stacks $ 1,050 (22 players / 277): “Without Karma“(19th).
  • SCOOP # 18-M 7-Max $ 530 (43 players / 899): “Dove“(22nd),”Egurre4U!“(68º),”gordon0410“(79th)
  • SCOOP # 18-H 7-Max $ 5,200 (7 players / 139): “Without Karma“(2nd).
  • SCOOP # 20-H 7-Max PKO 1,050 (64 players / 611): “Malaka $ tyle“(37th),”tua133“(39th),”que_te_crio“(40º)

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