Adrián Mateos clinches his third WCOOP title and leads a promising rail at the Sunday Slam $ 25K

By Ucatchers

Great players thrive on big dates. Adrián Mateos has given us a weekend to remember at the WCOOP, well supported by the rest of the Navy.

Of course there is a photo of Adri pointing out three

Of course there is a photo of Adri pointing at three

In good time we decided to dedicate the weekend to Adrian Mateos.

Last Saturday we provided you with plenty of material for you to delve into the figure of the Madrid native, who in addition to being the main reason for several campaigns promoted by his sponsor, had just played a great final table at the World Championship of Online Poker from

We had Amadi very present, as you can see, but this Sunday he got off the hook with one of the best sessions that he is remembered at the festival. The third title is in the bag – he already has as many WCOOPs as WSOP bracelets – and he is also in prizes and I live on day 2 of one of the highlights of the WCOOP, the $ 25,000 Sunday Slam Super High Roller.

The Spanish have an advantage in the midnight turbo tournaments. This is in the public domain. It will be a matter of biorhythms, of the nightlife culture of our youth or who knows, but these tournaments usually give us life.

The event WCOOP-28-H Sunday Cooldown $ 2,100 it was the last bullet of a busy Sunday for “Amadi_017” (1st, $ 80,211). There was one record left to match the guaranteed $ 400,000, and there was a prize for 23 of the 201 registered.

The good performance of the Spaniards in this specific event – we will return to it later, with another FT -, resulted in two final table possibilities, the one that would end up with Adrián triumph, and that of “t4t0PAGAU“which fell into 11th place with a prize of $ 6,006.

The FT featured guest stars of the caliber of David Peters and Simon Mattson, although the beans had to be played against Jans Arends “Graftekkel”, Stefan Jedickla “mindgamer” and the Hungarian reg “kZhh”Perhaps the one with the least name on the table but with good results online and years of experience in fields like this.

With this triumph, Adrián has gone out to one per year since 2018.

The first was a $ 109 turbo. Last year he already won a $ 2,100 tournament, an 8-Max PKO. Today at dawn another fell and the fourth may be very, very close, since the Madrilenian has within reach to enter a new final table tonight, and not just any one.

Adrián is sixth of 13 survivors in WCCOP-25-H, an elitist $ 25,000 Super High Roller that admitted 106 registrations. It is quite obvious that all the players left in the tournament are fearsome opponents. Suffice it to say that the leader is Fedor Holz, which concurred the tournament while winning the WSOP $ 25K HU. The first prize is $ 600,000.

Before we promised to return to event 28. Like all of this WCOOP, it put into play three levels with different buy-ins. A new Spanish victory was about to be repeated in the Mid, a $ 215 tournament.

“zÿax” made it to heads-up, but was beaten by cash expert “doulas12”, known around the world for being the first Diamond Elite of 2020 on partypoker. Even so, for the amount of bountys accumulated during his deep run, “zÿax” managed to charge $ 39,876, not far from what the Greek champion took.

The weekend podium count wouldn’t be complete without him third place from David Laka in an event that started on Friday and ended at dawn from Saturday to Sunday. Also at the middle level, the WCOOP-21-M had a short table PKO format.

That means that David was left at the gates of the most important prize of the distribution by positions and without opportunities to defend the biggest bounty of the tournament. However, a good group of the 1,424 participants played their last hand against David, who rounded off a deposit in his cashier of $ 33,979. There were two other Spaniards in the top 20 of this event, “zcedrick” and “PeroQMaloSoy”. Look for them in the image.

Opening horizons, the most newsworthy thing is the good income it gets Yuri martins to minority formats. On Saturday he took out his second festival title, winning the $ 1,050 HORSE tournament. Of course, the Brazilian is first in the general of the WCOOP. The six High level champions who have met in the last few hours are as follows.

  • WCOOP-16-H $ 10,300 NLHE 8-Max, PKO, High Roller. “LeslieGroves” (95 players, $ 263,627). “Amadi_017”, third ($ 78,677).
  • WCOOP-19-H: $ 530 NLHE Afternoon Deep Stack: “” (642 players, $ 55,618).
  • WCOOP-20-H: $ 1,050 HORSE: Yuri Martins “theNERDguy” (107 players, $ 31,115).
  • WCOOP-21-H: $ 5,200 NLHE 6-Max, PKO: Prebben Stokkan “prebz” (108 players, $ 140,110).
  • WCOOP-22-H: $ 1,050 NL 5-Card Draw: “salamndryko” (48 players, $ 19,617).
  • WCOOP-28-H: $ 2,100 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, PKO: Adrián Mateos “Amadi_017” (201 players, $ 80,211).

You will have noticed, from the numbering, that Monday’s rail is going to be one of the powerful ones. Virtually all of Sunday’s WCOOP tournaments are two days long.

Here Adrián comes into play again, with the commented day 2 of the Sunday Slam $ 25K.

But there are more Spaniards in search of boxes and glory. It would take a long time to mention them all, but you do have to target those who have the best final table chances, because they are in the top 15 of their respective rankings.

  • TakitoRivers“is 8th out of 102 survivors in the WCOOP-23-M Sunday Kickoff $ 55 ($ 34,733 on top).
  • davaman“He is 13th out of 87 survivors in the WCOOP-25-M Super Slam $ 2,100 ($ 228,462 on top).”
  • Dove“is 4th out of 287 survivors in the $ 215 WCOOP-25-L Super Slam ($ 203,818 on top).
  • But i’m bad“is 9th out of 45 survivors in the WCOOP-27-H Freezeout $ 1,050 ($ 78,182 on top).

With that there is more than enough to fill the monitor with tables late tonight. VGL to all Spaniards in the WCOOP!

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