Adrián Mateos brings out the impressive chart of the month of the triplet in the SCOOP

By Ucatchers

Even the number 1 in the world keeps in a corner of his heart the need to see how his effort to improve is rewarded. We are happy for Adri.

Adrian's graphic is for framing

Adrián’s graphic is for framing

Adrian Mateos has aired on social networks the graphic document that best helps us put into perspective his amazing performance on MTTs online during the month of April.

“Amadi_017” He has played daily in the most difficult fields on the Net, has combined the “.com” rooms where the most expensive tournaments on the planet are played and has used reload after reload in his fight against the entire cast of the greatest specialists in tournaments and High Rollers in our community.

There have been good days the three SCOOP titles attest to this, and there have been bad days, the least. The question that corrodes the rail every time you see a player busting a $ 10k tournament after three rebuys is always the same.And put everything on a balance, how much merit do the supposed successes have if they require an investment that often exceeds the first steps of the award structures?

In April, Amadi has a way of answering that question that, for the first time, He has decided to share with the world, and it is none other than his graphic. We suspect that the balance tends to always tip in your favor, but this month has been the never seen before.

I share it here too! To keep fighting and improving

– Adrián Mateos Díaz (@ Amadi_17) April 28, 2021

“For the first time I share graphs, but I feel especially proud of this one. After spending so many years playing so many hours live, this year it also helped me to grease myself online and show myself the power to fight in the toughest tournaments on the Internet.

I just finished a very tough month of online series playing practically every day. I had been preparing this moment all year, and the truth is that the sensations were great. I feel at my best poker moment.

I managed to win at 9evbb / 100, playing all the high stakes MTTs out there. Very motivated to keep improving. “

Adrián’s words remind us thatIn essence, he has always been considered a “live pro”. He started playing live, he showed up at the casino on the same day he turned 18 years old and, before the calendar took another full turn, he had already obtained his first triumphs on the international circuit and was preparing his assault on the tournaments. more important. He is still the youngest player to win three WSOP bracelets and it is with chips in hand and playing plastic cards that he has always truly been in his element.

Now Adrian has proven to be, once again, our most outstanding player, despite the fact that casino doors have been closed in most of the world in the past 12 months. He has achieved this online, an environment in which live specialists have always been viewed with a certain condescension.

Normal that he is proud, he has all the merit in the world.

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