Adrián Mateos and Juan Pardo cut their drought in GGPoker at the same time

By Ucatchers

The statistical anomaly that prevented these two stars from winning tournaments has disappeared with the end of September.

The ideal photo for multiple punctures (Wina)

The ideal photo for multiple punctures (Wina)

You will notice from the lack of news in this last month that it is more difficult to get results in GGPoker.

The millionaire bills that were the Bryn High Rollers have dried up, just like the Short Deck. Now you have to beat larger and equally complicated fields.

Anyway, it was not normal that, with the quality of the players that we sent to battle in the Asian room, the drought was so persistent, what would he say.

The balance in the Force has suddenly been restored on Sunday. Adrián Mateos and Juan Pardo have regained their taste for victory , which had been denied in the last 100 tournaments played in the room, just a month without tasting a win – well, Adrián did win a tournament, but he was a satellite for the High Roller Million $ -.

To warm up, both entered prizes in the High Roller Blade Opener $ 5,250. Much more profitable for Juan, who was 4th and earned $ 19,972, than for Adrián, who did not cover the expenses of his three re-entries with fifth place ($ 12,571). For you to see the calico, the podium was made up of Ami Barer, Fedor Hold and Stephen Chidwick.

Adrian was the first to break the spell. Won the High Roller Blade Prime against 49 rivals, this time only with the investment of the buy-in of $ 5,250. Heads-up they were seen with Sean Winter, with $ 40K at stake, but he did not give a penny of the $ 95,537 of the first prize.

Juan did not have to contain his impatience much longer, as he won a tournament that began an hour later, the Sunday High Rollers $ 1,500.

Required stubbornness and money at the ATM, since there was a payment three rebuys and expect 234 eliminationsbut nothing should feel better than raise a prize of $ 64,939 to Fedor Holz.

At Pokerstars, the most common is that the balance of the weekend is considered quite poor. We are in the hands of “davaman”, which has passed to day 2 of the Bounty Builder HR 530 $, and he has every right as the most to claim a $ 36K prize that can easily be doubled with bountys, but for that he will have to greatly improve his current ranking, 36th out of 47 survivors.

Who already knows his final result in the Bounty Builder 109 $ is “PeroQMaloSoy”.

He finished 4th of a large field of 2,957 participants. In buy-ins, it is a very remarkable $ 9,472 prize, which earns you the honor of closing this chronicle.

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