A week of esports, from March 15th to 21st

By Ucatchers

Among the issues that have attracted readers the most this week there is certainly that of the problems related to the non-recognition of esports in Italy. But we have also given space to a lot of esports played, starting with those who organize the tournaments, such as Pg Esports, the protagonist of our series of interviews in collaboration with IIDEA, with a look also at Activision Blizzard, then moving on to the 10 players of CoD Warzone who have so far earned more. Finally, Qlash’s experience in the world of chess.

  • In the latest Aias conference, the Italian Association of Sports Lawyers, Jacopo Ierussi, former Head of Legal Affairs of Gec, now adviser of Fide, the Italian Federation for Electronic Disciplines, intervened with an in-depth study that underlines the importance, for the Italian esports science, of recognition by the Coni. “The lack of recognition of exports in Italy – argues Ierussi – is slowing down the growth of nurseries and the development of professionalism.
  • It may not seem like a legitimate esports like Apex Legends and Fortnite, but Call of Duty Competitive Warzone continues to avoid the cheater drama and to benefit from the absence of a ranked championship staying on top of Twitch every week. For this we decided to track down the top 10 players for higher earnings in terms of total tournament winnings.
  • The entry into the Amodei publishing group is undoubtedly a big step forward for PG Esports and the entire Italian competitive sector. He is convinced that it is the right way to make the leap in quality and get even closer to the general public Pier Luigi Parnofiello, CEO and founder of Pg Esports who tells our microphones how the meeting between the two worlds took place.
  • The Qlash just over a month ago announced their willingness to get in touch more deeply with the chess universe, considered an excellent opportunity to train boys and girls in the world of the game at 360 degrees, esports and video games included. Today comes the first concrete initiative aimed at sharing the chess world, in particular the top level one, with fans and their community.

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