A week of esports, from 25 to 31 January

By Ucatchers

How easy is it to launch a new competitive title and lead it to success? The story we told earlier this week, starring Activision, is emblematic. The US publisher has decided to join his two most recent Call of Duty titles within the popular free-to-play battle royale, Warzone. It didn’t go well. Beyond a number of bugs that allowed players to become invisible or infinitely heal themselves outside of Warzone’s killer gas circle, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s weapon integration created a series of doubts about the effectiveness of the accessories (which are unique to Cold War weapons).

Red Bull Campus Clutch, is set to become one of the largest college esports events ever organized because it will offer students the opportunity to compete in one of the best known and most discussed titles of the moment: Valorant. Registration is open to students from Worldwide, who will have the opportunity to show off in Riot Games’ new tactical shooter. The innovative competition calls upon players of all levels, inviting them to join teams, which will represent their respective campuses, and compete on a world stage to make the history of your university and your country.

The Open Fiber Cup “Winter Edition” has reached and passed 1 million and 725 thousand views. The tournament played on Fortnite, which ended a few days ago, took place in mode cross-platform and, as a “Special Guest”, he had CiccioGamer, one of the most famous youtubers in Italy, who took part in every single competition, broadcasting on his Youtube channel the matches that saw him protagonist, as well as Jok3r is Rekinss who participated in the tournament by broadcasting it on their own channels.

Always staying on the subject of Fortnite, here’s what we know about new event within the Epic Games battle royale dubbed “Fortnite Winter Trials”. The winter trials will allow players to earn some new customizations and, thanks to data miners like HYPEX, we have quite a bit of information leaked about when it starts, what it involves and what cosmetics or prizes players will earn.

Real report cards, made up comments. This is how we could define the Bar Rift, the only bar open in the red zone and where one can serenely speak of the PG Nationals as the football championship, that is, in a totally ignorant way. After the disruption of Week 2, this week’s results have brought everything back in order, putting the Mkers first and alone in the standings. But above all it gives a leading role to Axolotl and Cyberground, finally able to close a Week at 2-0. Here are the links of the last two episodes, the fifth is the sixth.

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