A week of esports, from 15 to 21 February

By Ucatchers

When asked “are esports a sport?” a few years ago, in the book Esports – A universe of the videogame (Simbaldi, Strata, Gn Media 2019), Luca Pagano replied: “Clearly there is a much more sedentary component in esports than in traditional sports. But if we consider the sport of chess, for example, I see no difference. “ Words, those of the CEO of Team Qlash, one of the most important Italian esports organizations now known internationally, appear today decidedly in line with what was recently announced. Following the trend of 2020, the Qlash have communicated through the words entrusted to Pagano of wanting take a path in chess to combine esports with one of the oldest known board games in the world.

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As announced in the summary article published on 11 February, we contacted GG & Esports for direct answers from the organization on the case that involved them and put them at the center of attention in recent weeks in the Italian competitive scene of League of Legends . One way, we think, also to give them the opportunity to tell their own version of events. Thanking them again for their availability, here’s what they told us on Esportsmag.

Consumers are spending far more money on home entertainment due to the pandemic and new video cards, which enable innovative graphics rendering thanks to ray tracing. important tools also for those who aim to emerge in competitive gaming, are all the rage, leading to a ‘limited offer and to desperate customers. Oh, and it doesn’t help that unscrupulous jackals have capitalized on the very high demand buying the new products in bulk for resell them at very high prices. The fault of all this? It’s all bitcoin.

Esports, especially in Italy, is now a great container in which not only naked and raw competitive tournaments converge but more generally also the great entertainment related to gaming, whether through competitions, events or streaming of individual gamers. From this concept the basic idea of ​​creating 2WATCH, a media-tech company born in Naples in November 2020 and officially launched to the general public these days.

Activision has announced the official release date of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Two with a new cinematic trailer. The season will start on Thursday 25 February and the trailer anticipated a lot of content. Season 2 is the second iteration of the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone integration. While the games are still separate, some Black Ops Cold War content is progressively made available to Warzone players. This includes new weapons, a new battle pass, and other cosmetic customization packs. All the news of the new season can be found here.

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