A breath of fresh air on Valorant: here is the new Breeze map

By Ucatchers

The new “Breeze” map, set in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle, has arrived on Valorant.

Valorant Act III Episode 2 begins with a new map, in addition to the various news to come. From April 27 on the Riot Games tactical shooter will be available the “Breeze” map, set on a remote island in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle, a geographical area famous for the disappearance of ships and aircraft. The new map offers a bright environment and large spaces, perfect for long distance engagements and for those agents who perform best in this type of situation. In particular, Riot Games has focused on a map that highlights the control of the territory.

Sal Garozzo of the Riot Games team told what was the goal that the development team wanted to achieve when creating Breeze: “One of the main goals in creating Breeze was to make larger, more open spaces with longer lines of fire than other maps. This offers more opportunities for certain weapons and certain agents to shine. We believe that each map should offer various strengths and weaknesses to agents, as well as support various types of strategies and team compositions. “

Devon Fay, also from the Riot Games team, he instead told where the inspiration came from: “Breeze is strongly inspired by the Caribbean islands. We loved the old forts and tropical beaches. After the cold and edgy world of Icebox, we really enjoyed moving on to Breeze’s open, bright and colorful structure. This map also allows us to take advantage of the typical pirate setting to tell a story of modern piracy. What if Kingdom loses control of its stocks of Radianite and the technology based on it? How would those who have taken them use them? “

Act III Episode will last from April 27th to June 21st 2021 with a new Battle Pass, lots of new Weapon Models, Radianite Points, weapon accessories, cards, sprays and titles, up to the new Exile skin, the dark side of Regale.

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