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The group 888 Holdings announced a new agreement with Sportradar on Monday through which 888sport will have at its disposal the data management solution developed by Sportradar, MTS.

Managed Trading Services (MTS)

It is a tool that in the case of 888 will be applied at least at the start, in tennis events. Its functionality and characteristics are various, it allows evaluating risks, adapting profit margins or improving the security of bets, among other important advantages. It receives that name from its acronym, Managed Trading Services, and the data and information that is concluded through this solution are obtained through the best experts in the world in combination with a system of algorithms, which has been designed with the latest technology to starting from an artificial intelligence.

The plan is to gradually implement MTS in the different international markets in which 888 operates. This will allow 888 to use its current global system without wasting the work done.

A sophisticated, configurable and multisport tool

Although the initial approach is to bring MTS to tennis, this type of tool can be implemented in any sport and is adaptable to the requirements, conditions and characteristics of the gaming operator that intends to take over its services.

Senior Vice President and Director of B2C for 888, Guy Cohen, stated that from the group excited about this new partnership with Sportradar, as it will improve the tennis offer that the brand has around the world.

Cohen also wanted to show that in 888 they always try to offer the best service to their players and be up-to-date in technological equipment, one of the most relevant points in 888 and that can be seen in the constant evolution to which their houses are subjected betting and casinos. Finally, he pointed out that he expects the gradual implementation of the MTS in the different international markets, and in this section it must be taken into account that 888 is a company with significant international weight.

As Sportradar’s Business Development Manager, Nick Soye named 888sport a forward-thinking brand, which is always looking for innovation and with an ambitious growth philosophy without setting any type of limit. That is why they are excited that their MTS creation will be present at the tennis events of 888, one of the giants of the internet gaming sector.

Nick Soye concluded wishing that the services provided by Sportradar serve to improve the quality and therefore the global growth of 888sport.

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