3.25 to 1 the goal of Luis Suárez is paid in Atlético-Chelsea

By Ucatchers

Luis Suárez, Atlético killer

Tonight, Luis Suárez will have the opportunity to leave his scoring stamp in an important match. Atlético and Chelsea will play at the Metropolitano, behind closed doors, the first leg of their knockout round of the Champions League from 9:00 p.m.

After the change of scenery to Madrid, Luis Suárez has been showing all season that he has not lost any aim. The Uruguayan has 16 goals scored in 20 league games. On the other hand, in Champions he has not yet managed to score.

The mattress killer is good at the important games he plays at home. Therefore, we especially like a quota that you are offering PokerStars Sports and that the Canadian house has improved. Initially, he paid 2.50 the bets that Luis Suárez scores against Chelsea and has raised that quota to 3.25, so we consider it to be very valuable.

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