2WATCH is born: esports and entertainment together

By Ucatchers

Esports, especially in Italy, is now a great container in which not only naked and raw competitive tournaments converge but more generally also the great entertainment related to gaming, whether through competitions, events or streaming of individual gamers. From this concept the underlying idea of ​​creating 2WATCH, a media-tech company born in Naples in November 2020 and officially launched to the general public in recent days. Gaming and esports will be linked by a 360 ° approach thanks to the use of webTV productions, a platform for casual gamers and talent management: the goal is to trace a clear path for brands that want to reach the Italian audience of video games, Millennials and Generation Z in particular but not only.

According to the latest report on esports 2020 promoted by IIDEA and made by Nielsen there are over 6 million all-round esports fans in Italy, of which 466,000 watch events, tournaments and streaming daily, a pool that expands to 1,400,000 if we consider those who follow one event per week. Numbers that convinced the four founders of 2WATCH to focus on this innovative start-up: Fabrizio Perrone, serial entrepreneur and former founder of Buzzoole, an Italian company that contributed to creating the influencer marketing market in Italy and abroad, Fabrizio Fiorentino, journalist, innovation manager and founder of several innovative start-ups, Mattia Caltagirone, former partner and COO of GEC, Competitive Electronic Games, the first Italian sector in the esports field, e Gianpiero Miele, founder of Gamerwall, a company specializing in the organization of university events related to videogames.

The new generations are no longer looking for content on traditional TV and channels but they prefer webTVs, podcasts and other digital broadcasts. Esports and gaming represent the future of entertainment because they create a direct line with the viewer who has the opportunity to interact with his favorites and feel at the center of the action. Our project intends to create a bilateral connection between viewers and streamers and give brands the possibility to reach a new audience. The challenges of the sector remind me of those of the influencer marketing of 7 years ago, that is to clear the birth of new professionals who will be at the center of the scene in the coming years. “ – Fabrizio Perrone, CEO 2WATCH

Gaming and esports are the ideal topic to engage the Gen Z audience, more accustomed to interactive entertainment than to traditional, constantly looking for a story that allows them to live a direct and not passive experience; testified by the sentence of Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, released to its shareholders some time ago: “We compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO.”

The Neapolitan start-up wasted no time and has already set up television studios to create formats dedicated to the world of gaming: talk shows, columns, news programs, podcasts, videocorners and even a reality show, all marked by a schedule like a real TV. The broadcasts will be live on the proprietary platform and on the leading gaming streaming platform, Twitch. For gamers, the start-up has created an application that allows you to organize tournaments to challenge each other on the most famous video games and is able, thanks to a proprietary algorithm, to recognize the most talented users and select them for a possible training course for become a professional streamer or a successful player.

Not only. Because, thanks to the acquisition of Gamerwall, 2WATCH will launch a tournament in 2021 that will see the participation of over ten thousand students from various Italian universities. The “University League”, as it was called, will give the opportunity to compete on two video games and, depending on the university average, accumulate a score; the winners will be awarded two scholarships with a maximum value of 3,500.00 euros each and the possibility of entering the 2WATCH pool of players and streamers.

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