1×2 in sports betting and esports

By Ucatchers

The 1 × 2 in sports betting It is undoubtedly the market most used by all bettors. Even so, there are many who ask us about what it means or what it is. It is something quite easy to explain and understand, Read this article if you want to know what it is and how it applies to esports.

When betting on a winner in a match we are betting on 1 × 2. The number “1»(One) refers to local team. The “X»Refers to tie. The number two (two) refers to the team visitor. It’s that easy, when we refer to these types of markets, we simply refer to betting on the winner of the match or draw.

Now that we know what 1 × 2 is in betting, we are going to explain some of its derivations.

The first and possibly most common is the 1X or the X2. If we see the previous explanation, surely you are already getting the idea of ​​what this market means. The 1X make reference to “home win or draw«, That is to say, to win the bet the local team will have to win, but the draw is also valid for us. The same goes for him X2 «away winner or draw»We are worth the draw or the victory of the visitor.

Another possibility is the DNB (as most tipsters call it) or bet without a draw. As the name says We bet on the local or visitor, invalid draw. Namely in case they tie we will not lose or win the money bet, the amount will be returned to us in full.

In most eSports there is no draw, that is why it is said that we always bet on 1 – 2 (As we can see there is no X that indicates the tie) which means that we will always be betting on DNB. In most esports there is no tie, so all bets are placed on an invalid tie as there is no tie.

When in electronic sports there is the option of a tie we have to pay attention to whether or not we want to bet on it. By trend, most bookmakers do not indicate whether or not they can tie in the event, so we will always be betting on a local or away invalid tie.

If we know that in this match there is a possibility of a tie, we will simply have to look within the forecast for the tie option.

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